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Go Beyond Local Networking:

Discover Building Relationships Without Boundaries.

Leading With CourageĀ® Networking (LWCN) is an all-virtual, B2B networking group that's made for who we are now and the world into which we're evolving.

Our vision is simple:  members helping other members be smarter and better.

Each member of the community is a trusted advisor with 10+ years of experience in their field who wants to:

  • Expand their business, 
  • Increase their leadership skills and presence, and
  • Build more high quality, enduring strategic relationships.

Experience the freshest

perspective on networking.

Forget what you know about traditional networking groups. Sure, having one of those to belong to is fine enough. But we formed Leading With Courage Networking as a non-traditional community that complements your face-to-face group(s) to provide you with some things sorely missing from most groups:

      • The ability to cut down on travel time while maximizing both networking time and billable hours in a day.
      • Deeper, longer-lasting connections that only come from superior quality “face time” with a wider array of members.
      • Access to Subject Matter Experts who provide a true sounding board for what you need in a safe environment.
      • Opportunities to enhance self-awareness and other leadership traits.

See more benefits of membership

Greater efficiency! Greater reach!

Greater relationships!

Greater results!

Leading With Courage Networking is not one more group that forces you to jump in a car,  race to a meeting where you provide a 30-second elevator speech, shake a few hands, and then leave to waste your precious time battling the traffic again.

At best, that results in people who know who you are and what you do, but it’s not enough to give you the consistent, quality introductions you deserve, or the closer relationships that come with more in-depth meetings with more people that care about your success.

We’ve designed Leading With Courage Networking to give you something more -- which we believe you’ll begin to see once you explore our purpose, features, differences and how we screen prospective members.

After that, the next step is to apply for membership or call 262.412.4710.

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